One of the major success factors of any organization in business is the Good Management of Cash Flow.

A lot of questions are needed to be answered in order to achieve such success.

What is the financial state of the company? How much cash there is; in the banks accounts? How is the business financial flow going? Who their clients are? Who their suppliers are? What’s the state of the financial relations between them and the companies? Are they stable? Is good liquidity available or facing difficulty? Is the company having profit or are they losing?

With Cash and Bank Module, Welcome to the financial peace of mind!

You can easily monitor and manage your cash flow; showing you the full analysis of every account whether by checks or cash, current statement with details using our queries and reports.

And with our Kash 6 software, you’ll have all your company alerts and updates of pending work which will put the big picture right in front of your eyes.

You will always know when checks have cleared, cancelled, exchanged, transferred to treasury, what transactions are outstanding, the current balance of each bank account, and exactly where all your money went.

When integrated with General Ledger Module, it serves as a centralized location to record all inflows and outflows of cash. Cash and Bank software enables you to monitor cash requirements, distribute payments efficiently and securely, and automatically generate accounting entries.

Kash Cash and Bank module improves the integrity of your data by reducing human errors with automated forecasting and reconciliation.

KASH Cash and bank Module allows you to use multiple bank accounts for deposits and checks, which give you the flexibility to Receive and disburse money from separate accounts.

Not just that! You can also preview your balance, receive and payment checks and Cash fluidity based on currency or bank name

And last but not least, it records the details of all receipts, disbursements, deposits and related transactions of your multiple bank and cash accounts (established in different Categories; e.g. Cash, Check in house, Outstanding Checks, Current Account, Letter of Guarantee…)

In another word, Cash and Bank module helps the company owner and financial manager to know the current balance and the future balance from received checks and what the balance would be after receive and payment check