Do you have so many customers? Do you want them to be satisfied with your products or services? Do you want them to buy more of your products?

Kash Business Systems offers you “Vouchers” Module, the perfect software solution for managing discounts and promotions.

For more effective managing of special offers on Holidays, we hand you “Vouchers Module”

The Module works as follows:-

  • The types of vouchers issued by the module can reach up to six types (gift voucher – discount- gifts and discount – external points – discount according to value – returns).
  • You control the vouchers’ start date and end date.
  • You choose the branch in which the voucher will be applied.
  • You choose the discount type on the item, whether the item is on sale or not.

Types of vouchers issued by the module: –

  • Gift voucher: It is a way of gifting between individuals. Anyone buys you a voucher for a specific amount, to use it in purchasing any product of your choice.
  • Coupon: a coupon issued based on your customer rating. You can use it at the time of promotional discounts. By comparing of the coupon’s discount percentage with the promotional discount’s, you can give your customer whichever is greater discount, or accumulative.
  • Gift and discount voucher: A sale voucher that has a specific amount, with an additional discount percentage, your customer can use both.
  • Discount voucher by value: In this type of vouchers, you specify the rates or amounts of discounts, on condition the receipt reaches certain values the customer can use in any future purchases.
  • External points voucher: A type of vouchers issued when your company contracts with another company to benefit from their huge base of customers “such as telecommunications companies”. The contracting company issues a voucher with specific numbers your customer receives to go to your shop. The numbers received by your customer are transferred to an internal voucher with a specific value to be applied within the shop.
  • Returns voucher: In case the customer wanted to return goods he bought, you handle him a purchase voucher whose value is as same as the returned good. You can issue this voucher in case you want to maintain the liquid money of your company.