In the business World, you don’t work individually… There is a wide network of a lot of parties established to help you to get where you want.

One of the main parties in your business network is your “Client”. The heart of your business is knowing your customers’ buying and paying habits.

How to establish a good business relationship with your clients? How to keep track of all your clients’ accounts? How to manage your cash flow and payment policies with your clients?

If those are from the questions that keep your mind, then Welcome to KASH Client Module! Where you can easily maintain a clear view and manage your business with your clients and enhance your sales.

KASH Client module allows you to track your customer transactions over time and retain a history of customer charges, payments, notes, and more.

KASH Client Module helps you to manage and control the selling and returns movements to clients according to the price and discounts policies and most of all, helps you to create the clients’ Statement of accounts.