In the business World, you don’t work individually… There is a wide network of a lot of parties established to help you to get where you want.

One of the main parties in your business network is your “suppliers”.

How to establish a good relationship with your suppliers? How to keep track of all your suppliers’ accounts? How to manage payment and taxes policies?

If those are from the questions that keep your mind, then Welcome to Kash Supplier Module! Where you can easily monitor your purchase budget and install your payment.

Kash Supplier Module role is to manage the relationship between the company and its suppliers whether local or international.

Its main target is facilitating saving all the info and keeping track the suppliers your company deals with. It monitors the purchase transactions and returns and generates complete reports on all suppliers’ accounts.

Kash Supplier Module allows you to define all the suppliers you deal with and enter their taxes information.

You can also link it as a client in case the supplier is a client in the same time through the “Client Link” feature.