The General Ledger is the core source of information regarding the financial health of your business. It is a set of accounts used by a business to keep track of all the financial transactions the company makes.
The general ledger is the base of your accounting system as it collects transaction details from other applications allowing you to prepare key financial reports
The main functionality requirements in any organizations’ General Ledger Software are the automation of the balances in the accounts in which the transaction is being carried out.
All the transactions of the organization whether they are day to day business transaction or once a time job, you have to maintain and balance each account and have to show its transactions on the records.
By fulfilling this requirement, you will be able to gain not only the tangible benefits but the intangible once as well.
KASH general ledger module will provide your management with accurate, up-to-date information in order to make short and long term business decisions.
KASH general ledger module allows you to save time by automating the posting of your financial transactions.
It also provides the ability of creating sub ledgers
• Sub-ledgers are created to simplify the general ledger providing more detail about their transactions. Common sub-ledgers include accounts receivable, accounts payable, cash, and sales.
• The multiple daily transactions are recorded within these sub-ledgers, and the final, summary value is posted into the general ledger.