Accounting Package

EGP16,000.00 + VAT

General Ledger (GL) module is designed to help you create your journal entries, recording all of your business’s transactions, creating financial statements and budgeting smoothly.

For every business and firm, this module is crafted especially for you, to facilitate all of your accounting processes, and business operations’ management come to ease.

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General Ledger (+EGP10,000.00)

The Package already comes with 1 General Ledger user including cloud hosting service (paied yearly)

Installation & Implementation 6,000 EGP

paied once for 2 days installation & implementation 1 session training

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The evolution of the internet allowed software architects to use unlimited web resources to forward endless benefits to customers. Upon this notion, KASH software designers and developers worked effortlessly since 2014 to come up with a brand new product, KASH Cloud™.

KASH Cloud™ is an online fully integrated ERP software application that revolutionizes the traditional ERP systems over the out-modeled Local Area Networks (LAN) that organizations invested heavily in the past decades.

Customers now do not need to:

purchase expensive equipment to make an in-house LAN
rent expensive “leased lines” from the telecommunication company for connectivity
install software on each individual machine in the entire organization
recruit expensive IT personnel to monitor the in-house systems
worry about a version upgrade and the procedures to down operations until it is done
worry about security (hacking, virus attacks, and in-house vandalism)
Now, each user simply opens his/her computer and connects to the application online. Organizations that have more than one company and location will not pay attention anymore to IT and communication issues.


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