Service Company Package

EGP50,000.00 + VAT

In the business World, you don’t work individually There is a wide network of a lot of parties
established to help you to get where you want.

One of the main parties in your business network is your “Client”. The heart of your business is knowing
your customers’ buying and paying habits.

How to establish a good business relationship with your clients?

How to keep track of all your clients’ accounts?

How to manage your cash flow and payment policies with your clients?

If those are from the questions that keep your mind, then Welcome to KASH Service Company + E-Invoice Package
Where you can easily maintain a clear view and manage your business with your clients and enhance your sales

Service Company (+EGP30,000.00)

The Package already comes with 1 user for General ledger module, Client module, Supplier module, Cash & Bank module & E-Invoice feature + cloud hosting service (paid yearly)

Installation & Implementation 20,000 EGP

paid once for 6 days installation & implementation 6 session training.

Purchase this product now and earn 50,000 Points!



Through KASH Service Company + E-Invoice Package, you can:

  • Control client items pricing by using an infinity no of price list with Multi currency.
  • Control discount for client by using discount privilege and promotions.
  • Control invoices balances by using invoice distributing.
  • Control target period discount (as a fixed value, as a percent
  • of invoice value, as a percent of specific items in a certain invoice).
  • Have a warning about repeating discounts in same period.
  • Catch late payment invoices, late issued invoices
  • Statement of account for clients in different views compatible with each company accounting point of view and sales point of view
  • Client balances in different periods with different currency
  • Send sales invoices to the E-Invoice system automatically and instantly
  • The Feature links the E-Signature to sales invoices.
  • You have the ability to check up the status of the invoice (accepted – rejected) with the rejection reasons mentioned via check Status feature.
  • Track sales information
    1. Yearly, monthly, daily items net sales
    2. invoices aging period
    3. Sales comparing periods (in different years)
    4. Sales analysis profit and loss
    5. Client sales category (classify client groups in a period by net sales)
  • Tracking all purchases and returns’ transactions to suppliers.
  • Linking the supplier as a client at the same time by “linking as a client” feature and clearing between them.
  • Saving all suppliers’ data, whether it’s personal or tax.
  • Entering the opening balance of suppliers in many different currencies.
  • Defining different types of taxes “VAT – tax deduction and addition”, integrating them to General Ledger module to be automatically posted with issuing an invoice.
  • Defining the types of different expenses and linking them to General Ledger module.
  • Issuing different types of invoices in different currencies, “warehouse invoices – fixed asset invoices – import invoices – service invoices”.
  • Identifying service items for service invoices.
  • You control the setting of more than one type of tax on the entire invoice or on certain items, determining whether the tax will affect the cost or not.
  • The System supports the company’s aging reports of obligations to suppliers and their payment dates, in order to meet the payment of obligations on time and avoid any late fees.
  • You can Issue tax-free invoices, when receiving tax-free items.
  • You control placing more than one type of discount, whether percentage or value, on the entire invoice or certain items.
  • You control pricing the goods received in inventory through the purchase order prices, until receiving the supplier’s invoice, through the overdue invoice feature.
  • You control distributing suppliers’ payments on their invoices.
  • You can review the volume of monthly purchases from suppliers.
  • The Module issues several reports, including “suppliers’ statement of account in total and in detail, net purchases reports”.


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