Small Retail Package + E-Ticket

EGP25,000.00 + VAT

For all retail owners, in order to help you manage your business more robustly, and at the same time ensure your venture’s safety from any legal accountability regarding Tax, we have developed for you the Retail Package consisting of the POS + E-Ticket.

Point of Sale “POS” Module: You can run your retail shop and manage your dealings with your customers.                                    click here

E-Receipt: Sales receipts issued by the POS Module are sent From ERP to ETA’s E-Receipt system directly and instantly.                  click here

Retail Items & Services (POS) + E-Ticket (+EGP15,000.00)

The Package already comes with 1 POS user including cloud hosting service (paied yearly)

Installation & Implementation 10,000 EGP

paied once for 2 days installation & implementation 2 session training

Purchase this product now and earn 25,000 Points!



  • The ability to work on it through touch screens, various barcode devices, and printers of all sizes and types
  • Speed, accuracy and complete flexibility in completing sales invoices and making discounts.
  • Possibility to add discounts to items or combined invoices
  • The possibility of making the powers of adding the discount to (username and password)
  • Possibility to suspend bills and create other bills
  • The ability to retrieve invoices and issue them again.
  • The ability to search for the item by code or by names
  • The ability to create petty cash from the cashier screen and settle it
  • The possibility of defining special authority for the tasks of each cashier.
  • The ability to view the prices of the various items, the various discounts on them, the tax and the net price of the item
  • Full control over the entry of items and their quantities in invoices
  • The possibility of payment by different payment methods (cash – credit cards – term)
  • The possibility of clearing the treasury at the end of the shift and printing a report detailing sales and payment operations
  • The possibility of opening the return screen through the billing screen by pressing the return button
  • The possibility of linking the return to the same method of payment or not, as desired
  • The possibility of linking the return to the invoice with specifying the number of days to return the item
  • It sends sales receipts to E-Ticket system automatically and instantly.
  • You are able to follow up the status of the receipt after sending (acceptable – rejected) with the rejection reasons mentioned via check Status feature.


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