The task of the Purchase department in any company is to provide all the needs and requirements of the company just in time with the optimum prices, but with the expansion of the company and its operations, the requirements and costs increase, and things become more difficult, especially with the hike of the company’s needs required to complete its production operations.

To solve the problem, we provide you with Purchase management module to ensure easy and seamless management of purchases, in addition to providing you dozens of analytical reports of purchases’ size, thus controlling the company’s financial costs in time of need.

Purchases Module Features-:

  • Purchase Module works in full integration with “suppliers, Inventory Control, and General Ledger” Modules.
  • With the Module, you can make a one-step purchase request through “the direct purchase order” screen.
  • The module demonstrates the item’s last purchase price.
  • Your employee is able to complete the purchase request process and sending it to obtain the approval of his manager, and then the approval of the Purchases manager.
  • You can Record all quotations from different suppliers on the system, and then the Software recommends the best purchase offer based on the optimum price, and the best delivery time.
  • The software provides features of receiving samples of the item which is to be purchased from the supplier.
  • The Module provides a screen designed for the technician to confirm products’ inspection before receiving them.