The real asset & base of every organization or company is its employees and human resources.

One of the main issues that are important to them, enhance their stability and keep their motivation and performance high is their salaries and payroll. And managing it is a great delicate responsibility that needs a maximum degree of care and professionalism.

Our Kash Payroll module provides you with that!

PR module is following up transactions dealing with employee’s salaries & wages with full dealing with tax & insurance law. It helps you generating reports related to employees’ earnings & deductions

Payroll Features
Automatic Tax Calculations
KASH Payroll module automatically calculates net pay, payroll taxes, Social insurance, Medicare.

This feature greatly reduces the time to prepare payroll for business owners whom still manually calculate their withholdings. It’s a huge time saver.

KASH Payroll module automatically calculates Tax Adjustments According to Tax Law

Automatic Insurance Calculations
KASH Payroll module automatically calculates Employees and Company insurance share according to insurance data which entered in system.

Customizable Deductions, Incomes and Tax Categories
KASH Payroll module that can be shaped to fit your businesses personal needs is an asset at all levels.

KASH Payroll module allows the creation of custom made deduction categories. It automatically calculates deductions like penalty items, and tax categories that are entered into the software. And allows you to keeps track of all of the various categories you have created.

User defined incomes and tax categories will also allow you to create situations that may be unique to your specific company making it very flexible and powerful.

Governmental Forms
Payroll forms are complex. Simplify your life by choosing KASH payroll software which can reliably complete your governmental issues.

This can help you save time and money, and stay in Full control.

Business Reports
KASH Payroll module allows you to create electronic reports of payroll that can be printed or exported in different formats.

These reports allow users to get an overview of their payroll history and pull up records for various dates within the tax year.

A variety of reports is useful as each business owner needs different information for different purposes. Examples of these reports are Tax adjustments, Total salaries, pay slip, Insurance, Bonus, and Loans