With the Challenges and new obligations brought by Egypt’s digitalization, i.e. the E-invoice system, it is required for all businesses to comply and join the system.

The E-Invoice feature is developed by Kash Business Systems, to help businesses integrate with the Egyptian Tax Authority “ETA” E-invoice system. You can upload your sales invoices directly from our ERP straight to ETA’s portal.

The purpose of the Integrative feature is to upload the invoice issued by the Client Module to the E-invoice system, saving you the time and effort of preparing your invoice or uploading it to ETA’s portal manually.

The feature work as follows: –

  • Integrates Kash ERP system with the Digital signature, and the E- invoice system all together.
  • It uploads the sales invoices issued by the Client module to the Tax Authority portal instantly.
  • After uploading, you can check the invoice Status (accepted- Rejected) with rejection reasons mentioned by ETA, via Check Status feature.

In short, the client module issues the invoice, the feature integrates the ERP with ETA’s , uploads it to the tax E-invoice.

All you need to do is write your data, & your customers’ data in the ERP system.

Thus, You’ll be ready to upload your invoices To ETA’s System…