Kash Business Systems

is a local software company. we developed our own ERP

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KASH Business Systems is a local software company. We developed our ownERP
package and we supply any tech related services for small & medium organizations.
Our priority is to deliver fully integrated but still modular ERP package in
bilingual friendly interface, to allow the package to expand with our client’s

What we're offering


Beside all the basics of features such as generating the regular financial statements, It also supports generating recurring journal entries and manages their records within predetermined period. It also generates the monthly governmental reports, in addition to enabling customized reports generator to facilitate end users to create customized reports. The module also offers various financial ratios and forecasting along with a comparison capability to compare financial periods.

Business Related

This module enables generating P&L report for each project stage, client’s project and all the client’s projects. Handle all types of projects including maintenance, services, shipping and constructions projects including tracking down payments, insurance and penalties and generate the project settlement or invoice.


The bill of materials is a forecasting module to let you specify the required raw
materials based on the required quantity of the finished product, the product tree
and the raw material stock on hand.
The bill of cost helps you know the expected direct cost, cost of operations,
general overhead rate and pricing of any bill of material.

Human Resources

Automated integration with fingerprint machines.
Dynamic weekends and predefined local vacation calendar.
Facilitates defining the company specific rules related to all staff categories such as type of
attendance rules (normal time setting on specific hours, free time either daily or monthly
and part time staff).
The module uses these rules and a large variety of settings to generate the impact of the
time attendance transactions over the vacation balances and integration with payroll
module as time effects.


Enables entering and reviewing the purchase requests, compare the needs with stock in
case of stackable items, to generate the actual requirements in form of RFQ from the
predefined suppliers list.
Entering the received RFQs and compare to select the best price, delivery locations and lead
time to generate purchase orders. While also allowing direct purchase from specific


Enable full control over the company stores and stations within stores. Reserving items, inquire items thru all stores, recommending product transfer between stores according to stock and sales frequencies. Fully integrated with client, cash & banks and general ledger modules which seamlessly generates client invoice and return documents per each shift clearance for each station in any store and generate the supporting cash & banks transactions and general ledger journals for all these transactions. Ability to sell services, not only products, in addition supports product delivery not only direct sales.

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