Production Costing Module

Manufacturing management is a detail-oriented field in depth. It’s degree of complexity may increase or otherwise according to the industry itself. Each step in the manufacturing processes need to be overseen all the time, from identification of the necessary raw materials to the daily follow-up of the product, in addition to the need to reach an accurate cost for the final product.


With Production Management Module developed by Kash Business Systems, you will be able to fully manage the manufacturing process, manage raw materials more efficiently, calculate the time needed for providing products, calculate the production cost accurately, and provide information on the balance of raw materials.

In addition to a major feature of the Module, which is exclusive with the aim of serving the needs of corrugated fiberboard industry.

Module’s Feature List:

  • Full integration with the General Ledger and Inventory Modules.
  • Automatic creation of accounting entries and posting them to the General Ledger Module after calculating The Final product’s cost.
  • You control Issuing and recording operating orders.
  • Linking operating orders to Inventory balances.
  • Calculating the production cost, including labor wages, after integrating the Module with Kash’s Time attendance and Payroll Modules.

The Module issues many reports, the most important of which are: –

  • Report production movements in operation, to track the withdrawal of raw materials that did not enter the final product and review all production movements in operation to complete them.
  • Standard deviation report at the production level as a whole.