Project Cost Module

If you are a business owner with plans to work on many projects, but you have a concern of reaching a precise cost for it for accurate budgeting of your projects.

Kash Business Systems offers you “Project Cost” module to assist you and other businesses in managing their projects more smoothly, and more efficiently.  for projects. Also, The Module covers from general projects, shipping projects, to contracting construction projects.

Module’s Feature List:

  • You control conducting a preview of the project and determining its initial requirements.
  • The Module integrates with Modules like “General Ledger, Fixed Assets, Suppliers, Clients, Cash and Bank, Time Attendance and Payroll.”
  • You control establishing an estimated cost for each project comparing it with the actual cost.
  • You control issuing an offer to clients that includes services and items, their selling prices, sales tax, and the percentage of supply and installation.
  • You can divide the project into several phases with a separate preview and list of costs for each phase separately.
  • You control conducting a preview of each stage of the project, and calculating the profits and losses of each stage.
  • When a phase of the project in closure, the accounting entry is automatically posted.
  • On executing contracting projects, the software calculates the payment value based on the percentage mentioned in the contract and automatically deducts it from the Contractor’s payment request.
  • The Module calculates the performance bond value based on its percentage in the contract and deducts it from the contractor’s payment request value.
  • Once the Payment request is documented, the software posts the entry to the General Ledger module automatically, and Payment request affects the client’s account in the client module.
  • When you make a transaction on the project “charge Expense – Issue Invoice…” The module automatically makes an accounting entry to cover the project’s accounting side.
  • You control setting the working hours of fixed assets,and setting the share of projects from the assets’ depreciation to be added to the project’s cost.
  • With the module integration with Time Attendance and Payroll Modules, you can set the working hours of employees to calculate their wages and salaries to be added to the project’s cost.
  • When the last phase of the project is closed, the project is automatically closed.